Tossing my thoughts like coins in a well

Best to write-n’-release than to posit-n’-dwell

Oh losing well, you are harder than winning

The best writing process is always beginning

To always begin, I must never look back

On lock-picking voyeurs who venture to crack:

This month’s passcode is in past tense

a three-word idiom without defense

I admit I let us down

(Not a cap, not a space, not one pronoun)

Click here to try and break into the well

If you can't get in
 consult the universe or come back on: 

May 2, 2019

to take a crack at the new code.

if you’d like to be the keeper of THE LOSING well FOR A MONTH,

PROPOSE your code and CLUE BELOW:

This can be lyrical, witty, factual, cryptic, wordy, straight-forward. It can be a riddle, a reference, a number, the name of your dog. Whatever it is, make it good!