Tossing my thoughts like coins in a well

Best to write-n’-release than to posit-n’-dwell

Oh losing well, you are harder than winning

The best writing process is always beginning

To always begin, I write only for me

and for those who manage to unlock the key:

The writings of this 20th century

activist, teacher, philosopher

were scarcely read

during her brief lifetime

She wrote that:

out of pure l’amour,

God withdrew his/her

eternal, infinite self

to make time, space, and matter.

Yes, existence.

In other words:

existence + God < God alone

We live in the necessary world:

De-creating, at best, in a web of determinations,

We are weighed down by dependence, mortality, gravity

And occasionally nourished by forms of supernatural bread

Such as beauty, harmony, and grace

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Nov 11, 2019

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