Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the things I don’t want to look at. Not just the obvious things that I don’t like, but things that my brain automatically obscures from view—deeply buried fears of both being seen and not being seen, of masculinity but also of femininity. Fears like these are too big to be seen directly and all at once. In my practice, I seek to capture microcosmic portraits of these complex fears and anxieties through images of the body in space. My process is inspired not only by capturing dissonance, but also by the role the artist plays in presenting it. In my experience, the average consumer exhibits a tacit desire for the artist to function like the brain: expertly employing a range of techniques that obscure and/or beautify the matters that make us uncomfortable. In the same way mental devices like humor and nostalgia can both alleviate discomfort and induce pleasure, aesthetic devices like color and symbolism can do the same.

Photo by Anna Azarov

Photo by Anna Azarov


Alley Horn | Brooklyn, NY


2012-2016 Barnard College of Columbia University // New York, NY // Bachelor of Arts, English: Creative Writing, Art History: Studio Art

2011-2012 Adelphi University // Garden City, NY // Nominated Pre-College Course in Art Foundations and Figure Drawing 

2014 Anderson Ranch // Snowmass, CO // Sculpture and Woodworking 


2019 The Big Summer T-shirt Show // ex ovo, Dallas, TX 

2019 CONstitution, Con Artist Gallery, New York, NY

2019 Transformations, Mills Pond Gallery, St. James, NY

2019 Summer Exhibition, The Factory, Long Island City, NY

2019 CPR: In Case of Emergency, Incident Report, Hudson, NY 

2019 Love/Hate, Local Project, Long Island City, NY

2018 Winter Show, At Peace Tea Factory, Brooklyn, NY

2018 V-day Exhibition, Boston University, Boston, MA

2018 Fair Enough, The Living Gallery, New York, NY

2017 Social Justice Art Fair, Mayday Space, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Casual Art Fair, Hester Street Fair

2016 Senior Thesis Exhibition, Columbia University, New York, NY

2014 Summer Show, Anderson Ranch, Snowmass, CO

2012 For the Love of Art, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY


2017 69 ETC., The New Women’s Space, Brooklyn, NY

2017 69 ETC., The Living Gallery, New York, NY


2018 “Magic” // Audience Selection Winner // Quickie Fest V, 60-Second Short Film Festival